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Williamson County EMS

Patients of Williamson County EMS may opt to pay their balances for emergency medical services by credit card. As per county ordinance, there will be a service fee applied that is above and beyond the balance of your account. The current service fee is 2.19%, which is subject to change. This fee is required by the credit card processing company, not DM Medical Billings or Williamson County EMS.
If you would still like to pay by credit card and accept the additional service fee of 2.19% of the charged amount, then click here to be taken to Certified Payments.  Certified Payments is the contracted vendor Williamson County EMS utilizes to handle their credit card transactions.  You will need to enter Bureau Code 3858017 and that will direct you to the EMS page for payment. This is a secure website and all of your information will remain confidential and safe.  This option is for Williamson County EMS patients only!  All other patients, please call the Billing Department.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Billing Department toll free at 877-335-8569.