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Patient Services

Patient Services


Time and again patients end the conversation so thankful and surprised by the ease of their encounter with a DM customer service representative. Our representatives understand and have great empathy for the patients in their times of need. We listen and we help. We easily explain and walk them through the layperson’s natural confusion and concern regarding their medical bill.

DM functions as an extension of the client, adhering strictly to the billing policies they set forth. The patients can reach DM through phone, email, or secure portal submission. We have established contacts with most hospitals and insurance providers so the patient’s responsibility in an encounter can be kept to a minimum.

Dedicated Patient Support

Patients are provided with a toll-free number and have dedicated representatives with extensive backup support teams. We have a computer-controlled system that allows 40+ incoming calls on the toll-free number. The system will divert calls from a busy line to a line that has a billing specialist available so there is no holding time for patients to speak with a representative. In addition, representatives’ shifts are staggered and all extensions are equipped with voicemail for after-hour capabilities.

DM is sensitive to the needs of our clients and has expertise to answer any questions that may arise. Furthermore, DM has bilingual Spanish-speaking billing specialists on staff to assist patients when English is not their first language.

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