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Client Services

Medical Billing Client Services

EMS System Analysis

DM will meet in person with your team and discuss your concerns and expectations. We will provide honest expert analysis on the viability of the planned billing rollout. DM will walk you through all aspects of getting started from licensing and enrollment through any e-chart start-up.

You can have confidence that DM’s processes have been audited annually according to the highest standard in the industry, the SSAE16 service audit.  DM will review all of your policies for OIG compliance and will work closely with legal experts in EMS, always at our expense, to ensure you have the benefit of all available resources.  We have taken the time to learn the right way to do things and you will benefit, from day one, from the work we have put in.

EMS Billing

DM is proficient in billing for ALS and BLS emergency and non-emergency transport claims. DM can easily transition a new customer; claims can be entered on day one.  All clients benefit from our refined dunning process that has tailored forms for each circumstance.  DM devotes extensive resources to assuring insurance companies pay every dollar due to you. We have extensive portal access and daily electronic batching.  This translates to quicker money in the bank and available for use for critical EMS operations and infrastructure.  Our reports are detailed and our billing is transparent to you, the customer.

Project Projection

Hire DM simply to review your current numbers. We are always spot on in looking at an organization’s accurate figures and benchmarking what the returns should be. We will honestly assess any and all areas - your structure, paperwork, processes, financial reports, etc. If warranted, a guaranteed agreement could be executed.  A “win-win” for your organization with increased returns guaranteed as we set to work our billing experts in a compliant skilled fashion.


DM trains our clients onsite, free of charge, in a variety of topics where staffers can usually receive CEUs for attendance and participation.  Sample topics include HIPAA, compliance in documentation, and other areas of best practices.  Recorded materials are also available.

Compliance in Action

DM utilizes an industry leading software program.  Our system has multiple levels of backup and above-the-industry standard of safeguards.  Our disaster and recovery plans have been vetted.  We have routinely submitted to annual audits of all aspects of our processes by outside teams selected by the customer.

DM completes initial and annual training in Affirmative Action, Corporate Compliance and Confidentiality for all of our employees and maintains annual certification statements for each employee.  Our employees are screened and have the benefit of a certified compliance officer on-hand and a confidential compliance line.

DM will contract to perform a claims audit for your organization.  The results will be shared and an action plan will be presented.