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Our Focus

Texas and New Jersey Medical Billing, DM Medical BillingsDM Medical Billings (DM) specializes in ambulance billing.  This singular focus has allowed us to achieve remarkable success for our EMS partners.  As partners, our clients can rest assured that every aspect of their business is of extreme importance to DM.  We are not so big that you will feel like you have contracted with a nameless, faceless entity where you cannot get management on the phone.  

Over the past 18 years, DM Medical has proudly grown due in large part to word of mouth of very satisfied customers.  EMS providers play a critical role in communities and provide life saving care; in this life saving race, DM will take the baton from there.  Simply, we handle all aspects of enrollment, billing, compliance, billing training and ongoing provider renewals.  This is all done in a patient-centered and compliant way.  Compliance is not a word taken lightly and is a focus of all our, and therefore your, dealings.  DM is continuously auditing, educating, researching and developing our processes.  These are changing times and you need an experienced partner who is plugged in to industry shifts that affect you. 

Let our efforts give you confidence and the results you deserve.