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Dina Mueller, ,

Dina Mueller

Dina Mueller, President and founder of DM Medical Billings, has been helping squads reach financial stability since 1997.  Her breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in the medical billing arena has served her ever-growing client base with their full collection potential. 
Dina has been a forerunner in the EMS industry.  She championed legislation in the NJ Senate to require insurers to pay providers directly for their services.  She has lectured at industry seminars on the importance of proper EMT documentation, government insurance compliance, HIPAA compliance and the revenue billing cycles.  She developed and implemented documentation training programs for EMS personnel.  Additionally, Dina has been a critical force in the optimization of EMS billing software and the streamlining of office operations.
Dina continues to oversee the operations of DM Medical Billings while beginning a new charitable sector of the business in a variety of philanthropic endeavors.